About Us


Portman was founded in 2005 and has rightfully earned a reputation for being both flexible and simple in its approach to lending.

With a particular focus on bridging and development finance, Portman is able to provide sensible funding solutions for most situations.

With almost 70 years of banking and a wealth of property experience, the team at Portman pride themselves on finding flexible and bespoke financial solutions.


Stewart Barnes

With 30 years of banking experience in the property sector, Stewart was well equipped to enter the emerging bridging sector in 2005. Since 2005 he has seen the highs and lows of this industry, which has given him the experience to deal with any challenge that he comes across.

Martin Hay

A Chartered Accountant, who has spent most of his working career in the property sector. Martin has an eye for detail, a strong understanding of all aspects of the property.

Rachel Barnes

With 10 years banking experience, in both the business and private sector, Rachel joined Portman in 2008, providing invaluable support to the business.